First #2016 blog post

I can’t begin to tell you how glad last year is over! I had a lot of great experiences and created some cool images with some really great models, and a few editorial shoots that were really fun. Good models = good shoots.

Of course there is always some knucklehead trying to throw a monkey wrench into my day, but I am learning to not let the little things ( or small minded, self important people) bother me. THAT is my biggest challenge personally and professionally. This year some people and situations tested my wits and sanity in ways I never thought possible, but I squeaked through without throwing myself off the 6th Street Bridge. The only good thing to happen with all of the end of year stresses, is that I lost a few lbs. so that is always a bonus.

I ended up taking on too many shoots and am still struggling to get them all edited. Those you are used to getting a dozen photos back in a few days, thank you for your patience, it is noted and appreciated. Those who just whine and complain, well….there is a feeling for you too, but nothing I would write here.

I haven’t been able to finish any of my own projects because of all the other work I need(ed) to get done. So Hommeage is not dead, just 3/4  done. The Josh Kloss Project is still in the works, I have edited it down to over 300 images and that is no small task. Will have that completed shortly if everything goes as planned. There never really was a deadline since it is an ongoing project, but I want to get it out there, trust me. I believe people will be pleasantly surprised at what Josh and I have created.

My #Instagram is still semi-operational. Someone hacked my account so they had me change my password, etc., but have a ban on my account from posting any text or writing any comments or answering direct messages until this coming Friday. It makes me nuts that I cannot use my account 100% after some other fool, messed with it. I have no idea what happened, just that IG sent me a message saying my account was compromised. And there is no way possible to get in touch with anyone over there except for filling out a series of online forms and pull down boxes. Annoying is a nice word.

Anyway, here is to a happy and productive 2016!

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

OUT Magazine

Fantastics December 2015

Fantastics December 2015

Out Magazine

Out Magazine

working, working, working

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I will be making an effort to do so more often. Seems like most people would rather look at Instagram so that is what I have been focusing on. 113k followers now! THANK YOU to everyone who follows me - much appreciated. 

This summer has come and gone and its seems like it was over in a instant. So many shoots, and so much editing, when I look back it makes my head spin.

I am doing less and less “tests” and focusing on more editorials and my own projects now. I love shooting new models but there is no reward for doing tests, and I spend so much time working on editing that I am not able to do any real work. Doing “favors” for people is a waste of time for me especially when it is time for someone to return the favor, and they all of a sudden develop amnesia. I know it is part of the game, but I am playing by my own rules now. Saying “No” is not easy for me but it has become my favorite word.

I am still editing Hommeage #3…which is way, way overdue. The new issue features a story with Ray Diaz ( East Los High) and a collection of images from my shoots this summer. I should have it done by the end of this week. 

I just did a new editorial for that will be online in December. That was fun. 6 models, several different looks and done in 3 hours with several individual clothing changes and a group shot. Thank you  TJ Rudy for setting it up and being so easy to work with.

I am doing a new editorial in the next week or two for another magazine. I am really looking forward to this one as I get complete creative freedom. I have my concept, now just have to find the right models and do it. Sounds easy right? Ha…you have no idea of the politics involved in giving models a job. Putting together this last editorial really tested my patience, but in the end it turned out great. 

Okay, now its time to start editing. Until next time….


FRANK001 Party

Last night I went to the FRANK001 launch party at Imperial Art Studios in downtown LA with Josh Kloss. It is literally two blocks from my place so we walked over. Josh is featured in the images photographed by Bode Helm.

 I met lots of new people and saw a few familiar faces. Miguel Angel Reyes was there- I haven’t seen him in a few years and it was like seeing an old friend, and   I ran into Tony Duran ( LOVE his work).

It was great to catch up with Josh and talk about our project ( yes, it is almost completed) and hang out for a bit. We don’t do it enough. We are scheduled to shoot again very soon- which makes me happy :) 

Great space, great people, great cause, great photos and free drinks- who could ask for more? 

For more info on Frank Cities  visit

Thank you Alison Miller - it was a great evening!